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Should You Update Your Electrical System?


Electricity is key to the modern lifestyle. With the average home today containing heating and cooling systems, appliances, lighting, computers and small electronics, there are more reasons than ever to update your electrical system.

Older home.If you live in a home 50 years or older, you have a much higher risk of electrical fires, hazards and outages. These homes are not equipped to handle the amount of electricity we use today. They were built with the capacity for 30 to 60 amps, while the average today is 200 amps - which make the older systems easy to overload. Updating your system not only increases your safety, but will also result in more reliable electrical service.

New addition.One of the main reasons people update their system is because they're adding new rooms to the home. With more lights, outlets and appliances, home additions require additional circuits. You may also want to consider a small upgrade if you are adding a new large appliance, especially an air conditioner, home spa or electric water heater, as they use significant amounts of electricity.

Failing system.The most important reason to upgrade your service is if you're experiencing signs of electric overload or failure. The most common symptoms that indicate your system needs an upgrade are:

  • Lights dim, flicker or go out completely when using appliances
  • Circuit breakers trip frequently or do NOT trip when they should
  • You have to use extension cords or adapters to create additional outlets

If you have an older home, have added a new room or are experiencing signs of a failing system, you should call an electrician to upgrade your system. Electrical systems are complex and an expert technician is essential when doing upgrades. For more information or to set up your service upgrade, contact David Gray Electrical Services at (904) 605-8190 or visit