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Signs Your Problem is a Plumbing Emergency


Do you know the difference between a plumbing problem and a plumbing emergency? Most people would consider things like flooding or sewage backing up into their tub and onto the floor real emergencies. Other less obvious issues can have you vacillating over whether to make an emergency call to the plumber or not. Here's how to tell if you're dealing with a small problem or a true plumbing emergency.

A Clog That Won't Drain 

Some sink clogs can wait but something like a clogged toilet, especially in homes with one bathroom, is definitely an emergency. And that sewage coming up through your tub drain? It's a true emergency and one that can cause health and safety risks.

Standing Water on Your Property Unrelated to Rain 

If you see a sudden or escalating wetness or dampness on walls or flooring but no visible cause, you likely have a burst pipe or leak under the floor or inside a finished wall. Don't wait to call on this as water intrusion can wreak incredible damage in a short time.

A Pipe Has Burst 

If you're unable to stop the water supply to a broken pipe or fixture or must shut off the main valve leaving you with no water, that's an emergency. If you can turn the water supply off but leave the main open, it can wait but you should have it taken care of soon as possible.

You Don't Have Any Hot Water 

This is most likely caused by a leaky water heater. It might not be an emergency if close to the supply of water coming into the heater. On the other hand, too-high water pressure, a broken relief valve, or an elevated water temperature can cause pressure to build up and lead to an explosion. If you smell gas, it'salways an emergency.

Your Plumbing Smells Funky 

If you detect a rotten egg smell it's likely hydrogen sulfide, aka sewer gas. You should call your plumber immediately to fix this issue.

Your Water Pressure Has Dramatically Decreased 

If you notice a sudden lack of water pressure, it's usually a good idea to get the plumber in immediately. Just like with hidden pipe leaks, this situation could seriously escalate and cause widespread water damage.

Emergency Plumbing Repair Just a Call Away

It can be hard to tell if the plumbing issue you're experiencing is an emergency or not. If you're ever unsure, we recommend you act immediately. Better safe than sorry as the saying goes. To avoid most emergencies, be sure to schedule routine maintenance services with a professional plumber who can discover and point out potential issues long before they become big problems.

David Gray Plumbing has been answering the call for emergency plumbing needs of the Jacksonville, FL area for over 25 years. Whether you live in St. John's, Duval, or Clay County, we have over 40 crews ready to serve you. No emergency plumbing job is too small for our teams to handle!

To learn more about all the services we offer, including regularly scheduled plumbing maintenance, give David Gray Plumbing a call at (904) 605-8190 or contact us online today.