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How to Design the Perfect Guest Bathroom


If you are having friends and family over this summer, one of the most important parts of the home to prepare is the guest bathroom. The good news is that you can give your guests the luxurious resort treatment with just a few simple touches. 

  • Keep it simple: We have found the key to the guest bathroom is simplicity. Neutral colors and classic tiles make the room feel spacious while also giving you more flexibility with other design features. For instance, you can add pops of colors through trays or toothbrush holders, allowing you to alter decoration with the season.
  • Bring in the light: When you walk into a great bathroom, one of the first things people will comment on is the brightness. Natural light makes a bathroom feel more polished and clean. Since many guest bathrooms don't have large windows, you have to find other ways to increase the light. Overhead lamps and recessed lighting are two good options as they give the feel of natural light.
  • Make it easy to clean: A perfect guest bathroom should also be perfect for you. Rather than installing difficult-to-clean tiered surfaces or extra corners, put in a solid surface countertop with an under-mount sink. It will be easier to clean than a pedestal sink and will give you counter space to add candles, decorations or toiletries.
  • Stock up with essentials: A nice touch for guests is to include important supplies like toothbrushes, towels, shampoo and soap. If your guests realize they forgot a toiletry, it will already be waiting for them.