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The Benefits of Investing in a Backup Generator


An estimated 3.5 million Americans experience power outages each week. But 97 percent of homes are still without a backup generator, making them vulnerable to inconvenient power outages and the costs associated with them.

During a power outage, a backup generator can be turned on either automatically or manually, depending on the type you purchase. The generator will immediately supply power to your home until electricity is restored.

While increased safety during an emergency is likely the top reason to invest in a backup generator, there are a few others to consider.

Diminishes Costs of Power Outages

A Harris Interactive survey sponsored by Briggs & Stratton revealed that 69 percent of adults who had faced a power outage lasting more than 12 hours in the past two years dealt with associated costs, including:

  • Replacing Spoiled Food
  • Incurred Costs for Emergency Supplies
  • Lost Wages from Taking Time Off Work
  • Paying for a Hotel Room During Outage

Investing in a backup generator can eliminate most of the above costs, while ensuring your family is safe and comfortable during any storm emergency. 

Notable Return on Investment

David Gray is a Generac authorized dealer, with the brand's home backup generators starting at $1,899. The final cost of these generators depend on installation considerations and your preferences as to whether you'd like to power a few appliances or your entire home during a power outage.

While this may seem steep, a backup generator can increase your home's resale value by 59.4 percent of the cost of the generator system, according to Remodeling Magazine's 2016 cost versus value report.

User Friendly with Little Upkeep

Backup generators are easy to use, typically running on natural gas or liquid propane fuel that rarely requires replacement or refueling. David Gray can take care of the initial installation of the backup generator in your home, and our team provides affordable annual maintenance plans to ensure your generator is working properly year round.

To learn more about our backup generators, visit To get an estimate for your home today, call David Gray Electrical at (904) 605-8190.