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Using Security Lighting to Protect Your Home


Many Jacksonville, FL homeowners have security lighting installed on the outside of their home. It not only helps you find your way in the dark but, advanced technologies makes it easier than ever to keep your home safe from intruders. From security systems to cameras you can monitor from your phone, today's smart home allows you to remotely control door locks, thermostats, security lighting, and more.

How Outdoor Lighting Makes Your Home More Secure

The best outdoor security lighting is bright and covers a large area when triggered. When designing your outdoor security lighting, it's important to identify safety and security risks and light them accordingly. Both active and passive fixtures should be worked into your design to offer maximum security and safety depending on the circumstances.

Key Security Lighting Considerations

  • Light up monitored areas. Outdoor security cameras and lighting are a match made in heaven, working together to deter would-be burglars. But while cameras might be your first line of defense for protecting your home, it's important to make sure there's enough light to capture a good image. When mounting your outdoor security fixtures, check your phone, tablet, and computer monitors to make sure there are no hidden dark spots.
  • Passive security lighting uses smart timers to automatically turn certain lights on and off at specific times. Smart timers inside and out are ideal for giving the illusion your home is occupied and they can be programmed to come on at different or random times so that a discernable pattern is avoided.
  • Lights on motion sensors turn on when they sense movement outside your home. The lights coming on may be enough to deter a trespasser, but they should not be your only security measure. Because the lights need to sense motion to turn on, someone could still enter your yard and avoid setting them off. They also automatically turn off when they no longer detect motion.

One of your best options is installing a whole home system that that you automate your security lighting. The Lutron HomeWorks system provides intelligent and convenient control of your home security lighting system and can be fully integrated with your cameras. Engraved backlit keypads take the place of large banks of switches, there's a simple one-touch activation of lighting locations and pathways, and you can operate your lights remotely with any mobile device. There's no smarter way to keep your home safe 24/7/365.

Security Lighting When and Where You Need It

A well-designed and professionally installed outdoor security lighting system can be one of the greatest enhancements you can add to your Jacksonville, FL home. Our clients love the level of convenience, comfort, and security the Lutron system brings to their lives.

Are you ready to learn more about improving your home's outdoor lighting needs? Whether you're starting from scratch or you want to add lighting controls to your existing system, we can show you how to get the most out of this great technology! Contact David Gray Electrical Services online today or call us at (904) 605-8190 to learn more.