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The Lowdown on Smart Lighting Systems


Smart lighting systems are not only convenient, they can help you save money on your electric bill and improve the safety of your home. Here's everything you need to know about smart lighting systems:

What Is a Smart Lighting System?

A smart lighting system includes energy efficient LED bulbs, but instead of you and your family having to remember to turn them on and off when leaving the room, the system takes care of this task for you. Typically, you will control your smart lighting system with an app on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

The Benefits of Smart Lighting

One major benefit of smart lighting includes saving money on your utility bill, since the lights will not be burning when no one is around to use them. A smart lighting system provides extra safety, such as automatically turning on the lights when you are approaching home. You can use your existing fixture, swapping out "dumb" lights for smart programmable lights. This means lights will go on and off according to your schedule (such as keeping lights turned off while everyone is at work or at school during the day.)

Upfront Costs Mean Savings in the End

While a smart lighting system will cost more than a conventional lighting setup, if you look at this purchase over the long term, you will wind up saving money because of the more efficient lighting.

Customizable Lighting

You can use your smart lighting system to customize your home's interior and exterior lighting to reflect different moods, such as low for a romantic dinner or different colors for when you are throwing a party.

Instant Lighting Changes

It's a snap to make instant changes to your lights, just by tapping options on the smartphone or tablet you're using to control the setup.

Controllable Safety Lighting

If intruders approach your home, the system can recognize them through motion sensors and help keep your home safe against would-be burglars. 

You can also avoid accidents: Instead of waking up in the middle of the night and stumbling around to reach the bathroom, you can use your smartphone to control the bedroom's nightlight before you even get out of bed.

Energy Savings

Since the lights only use electricity when it's actually needed, you and your family will automatically start saving money, which you will see reflected in your next utility bill.

How to Install a Smart Lighting System:

Tour your home, looking at all the light fixtures so you can determine which ones are the best candidates for smart lighting technology. Verify that your smartphone or other device has the latest operating system installed, and then download the app for your smart lighting system so you can take control over your lights. Then, it's a matter of following the manufacturer's specifications and instructions to install the system.


If you're the handy sort who likes to do it yourself, a DIY approach may be suitable. You can order a kit and set up the smart lighting system on your own if you feel comfortable with the technology. Those who have limited experience will want to call in the professionals.


Relying on professionals to do the job of installing your home's smart lighting system may be the best route for you, since you will know that the job was done correctly by professionally trained technicians with years of experience.

Ready to Bring Smart Lighting Into Your Home?

Homeowners in Jacksonville, Florida who would like to start saving money on their power bills are encouraged to install a smart lighting system. If you have any questions about our approach to smart lighting setups or would like to make an appointment for service, please get in touch with David Gray Electrical Services today