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What You Should Know About Recessed Lighting


Are you in the mood to change the look and feel of your home, but you don't want to get involved in a major renovation project at the moment? Recessed lighting may be just what you and your family have been looking for! 

Choosing recessed lighting can be a great way to elevate the feel of your home, but you want to make sure you have a plan first. Here are few considerations to keep in mind when working with recessed lighting:

Insulated Contact or Non-Insulated

You don't need to become an expert on the technical differences in the lighting equipment for installation in your home. However, it's a good idea to be somewhat familiar with the difference between insulated contacts and non-insulated contacts. 

An IC lighting fixture is rated to be safe when used in situations where the light makes direct contact with housing that is insulated for heat. You cannot use non-IC housings that are in contact with housing insulation because of the danger of heat building up, potentially melting insulation or starting a fire.

Type of Light bulb

You have a range of choices when it comes to the type of light bulbs to install in your new recessed lighting setup. To reduce your carbon footprint and save energy (meaning less pollution, too), it's best to go with bulbs that are as energy efficient as possible. 

Compact fluorescent bulbs are a good option, but for even better results, look into installing LED lights. They are more efficient because they generate little waste heat and are built to last for many years. Energy efficient bulbs lead to smaller utility bills while keeping everything illuminated just how you like it. Make sure to get fixtures that will let you adjust the lights' intensity, if you plan on installing dimmers.

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Trim Style

Pay attention to the type of trim style you'd like to include. Your recessed lighting is easily customizable by selecting a trim, such as an adjustable trim in the shape of a gimbal ring, cone or eyeball. 

This lets you focus the light in a particular way, such as when you want to call attention to an art object or illuminate an entrance. Then, it will be a matter of selecting material, such as chrome or bronze and whether the trim should protrude or if it should be recessed.

Lighting Circuit

The technician who installs your recessed lighting will have to calculate how many lights will be involved along with their power requirements (including if there will be variable power needs when using a dimmer control). This is done to determine the nature of the lighting circuit and if it will need to be upgraded for your home improvement project.

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Dimmer Options

Some homeowners prefer their fixtures provide one level of lighting. If you would like to make subtle changes in the look and feel of your home, consider adding a dimmer switch option. 

Dimming the lights is ideal when planning a romantic evening at home as well as when you want to provide a sophisticated ambiance for party guests. Keep in mind that you can order home automation systems that will let you control the lighting from remote, such as by using an app on your smartphone or tablet.

Ready to Shine a Light on Your Home Improvement Project?

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