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Unique Ways to Save on Your Electrical Bill This Summer


Summer is great for many things, but your electrical bill is not one of them. Higher temperatures, no school and visiting family can all contribute to higher costs, but there are ways to save without sweating your guests out. Check out these four tips for decreasing your summer electrical bill:

  1. Get an energy audit: Bring in a professional to assess how much energy your home consumes. This can not only give you an accurate reading on the energy efficiency of your home, but can also provide suggestions for cutting your consumption. Jacksonville Electrical Authority (JEA) even offers free in-home assessments for residents.
  2. Install smart electrical appliances: Smart appliances like dimmer switches, motion sensors and programmable thermostats can significantly decrease monthly electrical costs. You'll save even more if you invest in a full "smart" home.
  3. Maximize energy in the kitchen: There are a number of ways to be more energy efficient in your kitchen. For example, keep your refrigerator full to decrease the amount of air that needs to be cooled. Cover pots while cooking to keep from steaming up the room and don't preheat the oven.
  4. Upgrade your laundry care: Decrease your energy use by washing with cold water and only running full loads. For increased efficiency, upgrade your washer and dryer to Energy Star appliances.

An energy efficient investment now can lead to huge savings down the line. Call David Gray Electrical to set an appointment for your energy needs at (904) 605-8190 and be sure to check for coupons.