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Ways Your Smart Home Can Keep You Safe


Smart home gadgets aren't only trendy and helpful, they can actually enhance your family's safety. David Gray carries a line of SmartThings our professional technicians can add to your residence that can not only alert you to problems, but actually help you address them while you're away from home.

Sensors placed in your home can:

Notify you about fires and carbon monoxide leaks

New smart-technology detectors for smoke and carbon monoxide leaks go well beyond just sounding an alarm in your home, they offer the added security of notifying you via smart phone wherever you may be.

Turn off your A/C to minimize danger and damage

Did you know your home's air conditioning unit can make a fire or carbon monoxide leak worse? By turning off your A/C, you can prevent the gas or flames from spreading further. With a smart home system, you will not only get an alert about the danger, but the system will automatically shut off the air conditioning unit.

Minimize risks from water leaks

Though a water leak is certainly not as dangerous as a fire or gas leak, an unexpected pool of water can lead to falls or even serious electrical hazards. David Gray can install smart sensors near older pipes that will instantly alert you of leaks as well as shut off the water source until you can call a plumber to address the issue.

If you are interested in increasing your peace of mind with any of these smart safety devices, call David Gray at (904) 605-8190 or visit our landing page at to find any other services you may need.