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Who can Benefit From a Backup Generator?


We often don't realize how much we rely on electricity until it is gone. For most people, power outages are a major inconvenience that simply have to be endured. However, for some, power outages can mean loss of profits or vital information, or even risk their well-being. Having a backup generator to produce electricity during down-time can save money and time, as well as increase safety for a variety of different groups.


Whether you're a restaurant or a law office, a backup generator is essential for keeping your business running during a power outage. Without power, perishable items will start to go bad, causing you to lose money. What's worse, you won't be able to cook at all without power, meaning you will have to turn customers away until the electricity comes back on.

If you're a restaurant, having a backup generator would prevent this issue -- and give you the monopoly of being one of the only businesses open in town.

Law offices store a lot of confidential information on computers. When the power goes out, if you didn't save what you were working on, it will be lost forever. Additionally, if all of your data is stored electronically, you won't be able to access important case files during the outage.

These are just two examples. Regardless of what type of business you have, a backup generator is an invaluable investment for keeping your revenue streams flowing during crisis.


Educating children is hugely important, which is why schools are such a valuable resource. The advent of electronic classrooms has made learning easier than ever for the new generation. Unfortunately, without electricity, learning would slow to a trickle. Without lights or air conditioning/heat, the once calm school might turn into a madhouse. However, with a backup generator, teachers won't have to pause their lessons and will be able to maintain control of any potentially rowdy pupils.


While a typical household could probably get by without power for a few hours, a household with young or small children can be different. Having a backup generator to keep the electricity flowing will ensure their good behavior even if the lights go out, with plenty of entertainment options available. Additionally, backup generators are essential for maintaining a comfortable environment during the heat of summer and the chill of winter. Not having a controlled temperature could put your children at risk for heat stroke or hypothermia.

Community Buildings

Different community centers, churches, and athletic centers are the heart of every town. During a real emergency, such as a hurricane or tornado, these are the places where people will gather for shelter and companionship. If these community buildings do not have backup generators, many people will not have access to food or clean water. People rely on these places as sanctuaries during their time of need, so it is crucial to not disappoint them.

Backup generators have been proven to be helpful and effective in a variety of situations, contact David Gray Electrical Services today for more information on backup generators.