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Stay Safe with These Electrical Tips


Hurricanes are unpredictable in nature, but one thing you can control is how you prepare when a storm is on its way, what you do during it, and how you respond once it has passed. Electrical safety is one of the most important aspects to consider during your preparation because hurricanes often bring along power outages and downed power lines. Here are a few tips to help you stay safe throughout storm season.

What to Do When a Storm Is Approaching

  • If you have a backup power source (like a portable generator), test it in advance to ensure everything is running smoothly, so that if it isn't, you have time to get any parts or tools if needed. Fill up gas cans to ensure you have enough to keep the most important electricity-dependent items running. Also, consider investing in a permanent generator to avoid the hassle or safety concerns - David Gray sells and installs Generac systems.
  • Consider whole-home surge protection systems to reduce the potential damages of power surges that can arise due to lightning strikes.
  • If you plan to evacuate, unplug appliances and TVs, and move any expensive equipment or tech items to a higher surface in case of flooding.

What to Do During a Storm

  • If you lose power, switch off all major appliances to reduce the risk of damage if a power surge occurs.
  • Use flashlights if needed - rather than candles - to reduce the risk of fire.
  • If you use a portable generator, do not keep it in a confined space. The fumes released from these mechanisms contain high levels of carbon monoxide, which can be lethal if not filtered out properly.

What to Do After a Storm

  • Stay indoors and avoid any standing water. If power lines are knocked down during a storm, standing water can become electrified. If you see any downed wires, alert authorities immediately.
  • Once power is restored, turn on appliances one-by-one to avoid overloading the circuits all at once.
  • If there is damage to your home or if flooding occurs, do not try to turn on any breakers or fuses as they can easily malfunction if any moisture is near.

Safety is the utmost priority during hurricane season. Prepare in advance, by calling us at (904) 605-8190 for electrical repairs and maintenance. In the event of any damage post-hurricane, our crew will be ready to safely help you get your home's electrical systems working again.