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How To Prevent Electrical House Fires


We are always hearing horror stories about a house burning down from a faulty electrical appliance or bad wiring. The problem is that they are too often true. The wiring of your home is a central part of your electrical system. When there is a problem with the wiring, fires or serious shocks can result.

Electrical wiring problems can arise from circuits in older homes that are inadequate for modern light fixtures and appliances, frayed wiring, an insufficient number of outlets, an over-wired panel, and other causes. These problems can be typically resolved by replacing or installing a circuit breaker.

Your family does not need to worry if you are keeping tabs on your home electrical system and following a few simple tips:

  • Using Fuses? Keep an eye on power sources. A misplaced fuse can prove to be disastrous. You will want to maintain and replace fuses regularly. Using the correct fuse size is also crucial to preventing damaged wires, strain on your house wiring and avoiding house fires. Consider installing a circuit breaker, which will give you more control over the electrical power flow into your home. A circuit breaker will also protect your home more effectively than fuses.
  • Check your power cords. Be sure they are not cracked or frayed. Another thing to be mindful of is not to overload an extension cord. Avoid running them under rugs or where people can easily trip over them. If you need extra power in a certain area, we can install extra outlets for you to keep your home safe. We offer standard outlets including Smart plugs that can be controlled from your mobile device.

Due to the potential dangers of working with electricity, please do not attempt to solve wiring problems without the help of a certified technician. Problems with the wiring should never be ignored or put off, due to the risk of fire. If you suspect an issue or notice any of the signs of a possible problem, David Gray has licensed and certified technicians who are trained to inspect the problem area, locate the source, and perform the necessary repair needed. Contact Us Today.