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Fresh New Plumbing Fixtures for Fall


The days are shorter, the air is cooler, and families everywhere are prepping their homes for holiday visitors. Switching out dated plumbing fixtures for new, modern designs is an easy way to give your home a polished look. Read on to learn about the latest in plumbing fixture trends for your kitchen and bathroom.

Single-Handle Faucets

Switching to a single-handle faucet will not only make your kitchen or bathroom look more modern, it will also simplify the way you use your sink. Many single-handle styles now include touch technology, allowing even the messiest cooks to rinse and clean with ease. Consider choosing a chrome style to keep the classic look while upgrading your sink's functionality.

Drop-In Sinks

This tried-and-true style is what you probably picture when you think of a bathroom sink. However, modern design moves away from simple, circular ceramic sinks, opting for rectangular marble styles in the same easy-to-install construction. A variety of shapes and materials gives this classic style a new flair that adds elegance to kitchens and bathrooms alike. Select a large, square style if you want to maximize sink space for holiday meal clean-ups.

Rain Showerheads

A rain showerhead is a luxurious alternative to a wall-mounted showerhead that will have your guests savoring every moment spent in the shower stall. Rain showerheads distribute the water downward and outward, giving the effect of standing under a waterfall or bathing in a rain shower. Once a fixture that could only be used in homes with exceptional water pressure, the rain showerhead now has plenty of low-flow options that make it accessible to all.

Dual-Flush Toilets

This water-conserving toilet style is gaining popularity among businesses and homeowners alike. Its tall, sleek designs instantly upgrade your bathroom. The biggest benefit of this toilet style is its option to use either a low-water flush or higher-powered flush. "Conscious flushing," as it is called, is better for the environment, saving water and shaving money off of your monthly bill.

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