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USB Outlets 101


Many of the devices you use on a daily basis charge over USB. But you can't fully make use of this convenience unless you're near a computer. Any other time and you'll need to use an adapter, which can be a chore to manage. If you want fast, convenient charging for your devices, then you just need to install a USB outlet. Here's what you need to know about USB outlets.

What is a USB Outlet?

A USB outlet is exactly what it sounds like: a permanent outlet for your USB devices. With it, you can easily charge your phones, tablets, music players and anything else that charges over USB.There are quite a few advantages to using a USB outlet over traditional AC outlets.

USB Outlets Offer More Power

If you've primarily been using your computer to charge your devices, you'd be surprised at just how much faster it is with a USB outlet. That's because wall outlets are connected directly to a power source. The difference isn't always huge, but it's noticeable.

In addition, each port on the outlet will give you full power, whereas you often only getting a portion of the full output from your computer. There's nothing worse than plugging in your phone before you leave and coming back to find it only half charged.USB outlets help you avoid this.

USB Outlets Look Better

In order to charge your USB devices using a normal outlet, you must make use of several different adapters, each of which is a different size and shape. If you're particular about your decor, you probably hate how tacky looks. USB outlets provide you with a much cleaner look. Especially when they are installed by professionals with an eye for design.

USB Outlets Are More Convenient

Juggling different adapters and remembering which plug goes to what device can be a chore. With a USB outlet, it's as simple as plugging your charging cable into the wall. In addition, adapters are bulky and take up a lot of space. Considering how many electrical devices the average household has, wasting space like this isn't a good idea. Using a USB outlet frees up space for everything else.

USB Outlets Don't Break as Easily

The power adapters you get with your devices aren't always reliable. They can lose effectiveness, be misplaced, and even break completely. With dedicated USB outlets, this is less of an issue.Can you remember the last time that one of your AC outlets broke? Probably not.

How to Install a USB Outlet

Some new homes actually come with USB outlets preinstalled. Unfortunately, not everyone is that lucky. Installing a USB outlet doesn't take long, but isn't really a DIY project either. You'll need the help of experts. For more information on installing a USB outlet in your home, please contact us at David Gray Electrical Services today.